Make some pizza.

Meet some neighbours.

Become #100NeighboursStrong.


Nobody really likes a potluck. But everyone loves pizza.

So I'm hosting Pop-up Pizza Potlucks in support of the Parkdale Food Centre

How does it work?

  1. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to find the next pop-up pizza potluck.
  2. I'll bring the pizza oven and the dough. You bring your favourite toppings.  
  3. Bike to the pop-up location, and enjoy some pizza with your neighbours.

The pizza's free.

Pay it forward and become one of Parkdale Food Centre's #100NeighboursStrong



How do I find Pizza Bike?

Follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I'll announce times and locations there. 

Are you a food truck?

Nope. It's a small-group neighbourhood potluck. Get to know your neighbours one pizza at a time. 

How often will you host Pop-up Pizza Potlucks?

Surprise pizza is the best pizza. My day job makes doing this possible, so potlucks will be on a whim!

Can I book a Pop-up Pizza Potluck?

Surprise pizza is the best pizza. I don't do bookings, but if you have an awesome idea for working together, reach out.

Is it just you?

Yep. Just me.  So far... 

Can I copy your idea?

Yes! Please do and tell me all about it!

Should pineapple ever go on pizza?


Do you wash your hands?

Yes, and I bring a hand-washing station with me.

Do you know anything about cooking for big groups of people?

Once upon a time I was head cook for a residential summer camp and a cook in a university residence. Food safety is my game. 

What if I have an awesome idea?

Pizza Bike is made possible by the Awesome Ottawa Foundation. If you have an awesome idea, check them out! 

Where did you get your trailer?

I built it. I used a Wike Bike Trailers DIY Kit.

Where did you get your pizza oven?

I bought it. You can get the Uuni Outdoor Oven in Ottawa at MEC or Chef's Paradise.

Are there gluten-free, vegan, keto, nut-free, dairy-free, or other special diet options?

It's a potluck! If you bring the ingredients, we can cook it.

What if I have severe food allergies, celiac disease or another health concern?

The oven is not allergen-free. If you have celiac disease or severe food allergies, we'd love to hang out - but best to come with your own pizza picnic.